[To] El Paso - Bloody Beast Fest III - Benefit RBO

06/10/2012 - 23:00
06/10/2012 - 23:59

Benefit for Radio Blackout 105.250fm
Sabato 6 ottobre - El Paso - Torino

From 23.00

Buffalo Grillz (Grindcore from Rome, Italy)
The idea Buffalo Grillz was founded in 2008 by the meeting of two “distorted” minds : Max Marzocca (drummer from Natron) and Enrico Giannone (voice of Undertakers). The purpose of the band ,inspired by the famous steak house, is offer to the listener a “barbecue” of violent sound. Cinghio (bassist from Orange Man Theory) was recruited in the band; Cinghio immediately showed his attitude in the pro
ject; after a few weeks makes up about 6 tracks. Unfortunately Max Marzocca, for problems of geographical distance, decided to abandon the project; the band decided to go ahead and Cinghio passes on the guitar ; in a few days the line up was completed : Gux (ex-bassist of Tsubo) and Mastino (drummer of Dr. Gore) were recruited. ALL STAR GRIND COMBO. The results was a bastard mixing of the early Napalm Death , Nasum and Asesino. Time iperfast, tight guitars straight in your face. Fast and Loud is the “philosophy” of the band and a very ironic attitude; as matter of fact , the band decide not to have any type of text (NO WARNING EXPLICIT LYRICS). The debut cd (out on Gangstaparadise rec.) will contain about 16 tracks of pure musical terrorism. YES WE GRIND.

Insomnia Isterica (Grindcore from Locarno, Switzerland)
After playing in juvenile hardcore punk and death metal bands, Giulgio and Attila decided in 2006 to rejoin their forces to create another stupid band to waste their time, drink some beers together and fight paranoia. Thanks to alcohol abuse and constant hatred they released their first demo and splits on pro cd-r and tape format and took part on some compilations. Some times later they asked Mirko and Fafo to join the band mainly to play live as session members but because of the great friendship they became soon part of the band. Some months after a girl named Jasmin took over the bass duties. With this line up Insomnia Isterica recorded and released its first split 7" with Compost and some months after a split 7" with Agathocles (with FaBio on bass). After some other releases the band is now going to release other 7"s and tapes through Attila's and Giulgio's DIY label L'è Tütt Folklor Records and with the help of some other friends' DIY labels.

uzi nascono 4 anni fa,incidono due dischi nel 2009 NATO DENTRO e nel 2010 PER CAMBIARE a ottobre di quest anno rientrano in studio per registrare un nuovo lavoro con pezzi nuovi!!
more info soon...
lottare per la propia libertà contro un sistema padrone!!!

Conviction (Grindcore-Brutal from Pavia)
Formed in 1999 in Pavia, Conviction's first line-up included Gianlu on guitar, Rex on drums, Euge on bass and Puccio on vocals. With this formation Conviction played until 2002, when Puccio left the band. Niko became the new singer. Conviction played several gigs in Italy also sharing the stage with bands such as MADBALL, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, IMPALED NAZARENE, DISFEAR, HIMSA, EXHUMED, LABRAT, BARCODE, TERROR, INTEGRITY, etc. Conviction recorded their first CD in june 2003 with Niko on vocals before he left the band due to musical differences. The band continued with a new singer for a while, before the arrival of Sid. First satisfaction in live began to come, and "Physiatrist must die!!" seemed to be the song of the new reborn. Unfortunately in december 2006 Euge left the band, and Conviction began to search the new bass player, without success. Live performances and song writing continued, and in may 2007 Conviction recorded their second CD, "Brutal Entertainment", in which Gianlu played also the bass parts. In the same month, Dario, guitarist full of experience, joined the band as bass player, and the line up of Conviction was so finally completed.

From 02:00 to 08:00

Dj-Set Electronic-dance with ARCHITECKTURE
ARCHITECKTURE è un progetto musicale fondato nel 2006 drill n bass drum step and hard floor che ha gia collaborato
in diversi eventi dell underground cittadino,
anche per radio black out negli anni passati e promotore di eventi come
CAVALCADE ON EMPIRE OF ALGOOL sito all ASILO Occupato a Torino ;
ACOUSTICK POLLUTION clip culturale di musica drum and bass dubstep all interno del programma BLACK JACK
non che progetto di musica d avanguardia
in collaborazione con lo stesso , gia esistente da un anno sul suolo taurinense.
Affiancato da Control Remote vs Kobachi vdo video maker resolution e dal progetto Acoustik Pollution for
DMT CREW ; only muzic CAN save us..
come whit us..


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